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1. Stickney WRP Effluent Water Pump Station

IDCS was selected by AECOM to assist in the electrical and control design of an effluent water pump station for the MWRDGC Stickney WRP.  The pump station was to supplement the supply of treated effluent that was reused for non-potable water applications throughout the plant.

Tags: MWRDGC, Water & Wastewater, Electrical Design, AECOM CTE, Chicago IL
2. DC-02 & DC-03 Sanitary Relief

The DC-02 & DC-03 diversion structure (also known as the Pendleton diversion structure) was designed to divert flow from the trunk sewer to the Deer Creek Sanitary Tunnel during storm events.

Tags: MSD, St. Louis MO, Parsons, Water & Wastewater, Electrical Design, Instrumentation Design
3. Deer Creek Sanitary Tunnel


The Deer Creek Sanitary Tunnel is designed to store peak flows from the existing collection system that exceed the capacity of the existing trunk sewers or the capacity of the downstream treatment plant.

Tags: MSD, Parsons, Water & Wastewater, Electrical Design, Instrumentation Design, St. Louis MO, Clayton MO
4. Central Park Pumping Station Electrification

The Central Park Pumping Station Electrification project is to convert a steam-powered pumping station to electrically driven pumps, and rehabilitate and upgrade the electrical services to the pump station.

Tags: Greeley & Hansen, CDWM, Chicago IL, Water & Wastewater, Electrical Design
5. Calumet Biogas Renewable Energy Project

The Digester Gas Utilization Facilities, at the Calumet Water Reclamation Plant (CWRP) will enable the District to treat biogas generated from their current digestion process along with future digestion of a high-strength organic waste stream (currently under design by the District).  The digester gas from these two sources will be treated at the CWRP to a level of quality acceptable for injection into a natural gas pipeline, through the new High BTU plant. 

Tags: MWRDGC, Chicago IL, Electrical Design, Instrumentation Design, Water & Wastewater
6. St. Louis City Parks

For the St. Louis City Parks project, IDCS designed electrical upgrades at the historic Carondelet Park Boathouse and the Beckett Park comfort station.

Tags: St. Louis MO, Government, exp, Electrical Design
7. Wilmette Pump Station and Evanston Pump Station Rehabilitation

IDCS involvement at Wilmette Pump Station consisted of the complete demolition and design of a new incoming utility service to replace the existing service which had passed its useful life expectancy, replacement of 1966 era substation transformers and their associated primary circuit breakers, replacement of the lighting system within the building as well as on the exterior, new controls of the gate structures (including lighting above the new gate control bridge), design of an annunciator for communication with the public during gate operations, a new control system, with communication and control from both the Main Waterways Control Center and North Side Water reclamation plant.

Tags: MWRDGC, Donohue, Water & Wastewater, Instrumentation Design, Electrical Design, Evanston IL
8. Condition Assessment Report Eugene Sawyer Water Purification Plant

IDCS was contracted to perform Electrical Engineering Services for the Condition Assessment of the South Water Purification Plant

Tags: Vulnerability and Risk Assessments, Water & Wastewater, AECOM CTE, Electrical Design, Instrumentation Design, CDWM, Chicago IL
9. Upgrade of the Chillers and South Cooling Tower (OHare)

O'Hare International Airport serves over 150,000 passengers on a daily basis. The Heating and Refrigeration (H&R) Building is responsible for heating and cooling all of the airport buildings.

Tags: Electrical Design, CDA, RME, Chicago IL
10. 77th Street Bus Garage and South Shops Improvements

Largest CTA Fueling facility, that includes bus maintenance (both light and heavy duty) as well as bus washing. This facility services over 400 buses a day. IDCS involvement in the site improvements and remediation project was both mechanical and electrical in nature.

Tags: Government, Electrical Design, Green Infrastructure, CTA, CDM, Chicago IL

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