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1. DC-02 & DC-03 Sanitary Relief

The DC-02 & DC-03 diversion structure (also known as the Pendleton diversion structure) was designed to divert flow from the trunk sewer to the Deer Creek Sanitary Tunnel during storm events.

Tags: MSD, St. Louis MO, Parsons, Water & Wastewater, Electrical Design, Instrumentation Design
2. Deer Creek Sanitary Tunnel


The Deer Creek Sanitary Tunnel is designed to store peak flows from the existing collection system that exceed the capacity of the existing trunk sewers or the capacity of the downstream treatment plant.

Tags: MSD, Parsons, Water & Wastewater, Electrical Design, Instrumentation Design, St. Louis MO, Clayton MO
3. Dewatering Pump Station - LMRDP Improvements

The Lower and Middle River Des Peres (LMRDP) CSO Storage Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (DPS) will receive all the flow entering the LMRDP CSO Storage Tunnel. The DPS peak design flow is 100 MGD and will pump either to the Lemay Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) or the Enhanced High Rate Clarification (EHRC) facility. The DPS will operate only during or after a weather event that requires the use of the storage tunnel. The bar screen will be located upstream of the DPS to prevent large debris from damaging the pumps.

Tags: MSD, Jacobs, HDR, Water & Wastewater, Instrumentation Design, St. Louis MO
4. Lemay No.3 Pump Station

Proposed Lemay Pump Station No. 3 is a wet-pit/dry-pit station with a firm capacity of 15MGD.  Lemay No. 3 Pump Station will accept the flows from the Jefferson Barracks Tunnel and pump to the Lemay WWTF.  The new Lemay No. 3 PS will replace the existing pump station.  The Lemay No. 3 PS will be the network connection point of all the Intake structures and level sensors in the Jefferson Barracks Tunnel system, therefore control and monitoring of the Tunnel will be consolidated at the Lemay No. 3 PS. 

Tags: MSD, Jacobs, HDR, Water & Wastewater, Instrumentation Design, St. Louis MO
5. Stickney Westside Primary Settling Tanks and Aerated Grit Facility

MWRDGC initiated a project for the replacement of a portion of the 1920’s Westside Treatment Plant at the Stickney WRP with new Aerated Grit Facilities and Primary Settling Tanks.

Tags: Chicago IL, Greeley & Hansen, Instrumentation Design, Water & Wastewater
6. Instrumentation and Controls Design Criteria

MSD retained IDCS to create an Instrumentation and Controls Design Criteria Manual; this is used to describe standard instrumentation components and control philosophy for all pump station and treatment facility control.

Tags: MSD, Instrumentation Design, HDR, Water & Wastewater
7. Jardine Water Purification Plant Chlorine System Improvements

The Jardine Water Purification Plant (JWPP), is the largest capacity water filtration plant in the world, located in Chicago, Illinois. It draws raw water from two of the city's water cribs far offshore in Lake Michigan and sends nearly one billion gallons (4 million m3) of water per day to consumers in the north and central portions of the city. CMT is the lead engineer for the Chlorine Upgrade. This upgrade encompasses the addition of a redundant chlorine scrubber, modifications to the existing SCADA System to align the Chlorine Control Room with the JWPP SCADA Control Room and upgrades to the existing evaporators, chlorinators and chlorinator flow controllers (26) to a new control platform.

Tags: CDWM, Water & Wastewater, Instrumentation Design, Chicago IL
8. Calumet Biogas Renewable Energy Project

The Digester Gas Utilization Facilities, at the Calumet Water Reclamation Plant (CWRP) will enable the District to treat biogas generated from their current digestion process along with future digestion of a high-strength organic waste stream (currently under design by the District).  The digester gas from these two sources will be treated at the CWRP to a level of quality acceptable for injection into a natural gas pipeline, through the new High BTU plant. 

Tags: MWRDGC, Chicago IL, Electrical Design, Instrumentation Design, Water & Wastewater
9. Lemay Pump Stations 1 and 2 Switchgear Improvements

IDCS provided design services for I&C and communications for Lemay Pump Station 1 switchgear and VFD replacement which included engineering evaluations, preparation of contract drawings and specifications.

Tags: Water & Wastewater, Instrumentation Design, MSD, Construction Services, Donohue, St. Louis MO, Green Infrastructure
10. Disinfection Facilities at the O'Brien WRP

IDCS was selected to participate as a sub-consultant to Greeley & Hansen for the project to add ultraviolet disinfection facilities to the Terrence J. O’Brien (North Side) Water Reclamation Plant.

Tags: Instrumentation Design, Water & Wastewater, Greeley & Hansen, MWRDGC, Construction Services

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