Tyndall Air Force Base

Tyndall Air Force Base

Owner  - USAF
Client      -   Kroeschell
Location   - Panama City, Florida

Tyndall AFB Medical Center is a 50,000 square foot building contained over 70 distribution panels in various stages of life, as well as 30 transformers. The scope of this project was to update and eliminate panels and transformers where possible and create a new efficient electrical distribution system. The facility distributed power at voltages of, 480/277V and 208/120V. The first order of business for IDCS was to develop an existing single-line diagram, this was accomplished through extensive field investigation. Once the single-line was produced we went to work tracing out where the actual feeders were routed throughout the facility. We marked panels for elimination from the system based on location/use/age. After the proposed single-line was created, an SKM Study was completed to ensure the system was specified with the required KAIC Settings and to determine if ArcFlash equipment was required. The study had over 100 bus points and resulted in a complete report and single-line being turned over to the owner and the contractor. The entire project had to be design and constructed while the medical facility remained 100% functional.



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