Stickney Westside Primary Settling Tanks and Aerated Grit Facility

Owner  - MWRDGC
Client      -   Greeley & Hansen
Location   - Chicago, IL
MWRDGC initiated a project for the replacement of a portion of the 1920’s Westside Treatment Plant at the Stickney WRP with new Aerated Grit Facilities and Primary Settling Tanks.
The old Imhoff Tank provided substandard treatment and was quite malodorous, which in a residential area led to continuous complaints. The new facilities removed process damaging grit more efficiently, settled primary sludge, and greatly increased biogas generation. The odor control system also enhanced the quality of life in the surrounding communities.
IDCS was selected by the prime consultant, Greeley and Hansen, to design the instrumentation and controls associated the project.
The controls system consisted of a main control room for the process, DCU’s, several RTU’s and local operator stations integrated with the plant systems via fiber optic data links. These monitored the flow through the grit tanks, controlled grit collection and washing, and distributed flow to and around the primary tanks. The system also collected settled primary sludge, and monitored and controlled all ancillary processes, including electrical distribution, pumping, and odor control. The controls system was backed up by large industrial grade UPS’s to maintain continuity in the process operation.
IDCS provided preliminary and final design, as well as construction services over a six year period.
Among the innovative designs for this project was monitoring and control of pneumatic isolation valving in the grit pumping gallery. These valves and the leak detection system are intended to prevent catastrophic flooding in the event of a grit pumping failure or piping leak, a serious problem when pumping grit.


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