Salt Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility

Salt Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility

Owner  - SCSD
Client      -   Deuchler (WEDA)
Location   - Villa Park, IL

The Salt Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility was expanded. The instrumentation and electrical systems were designed by IDCS. The existing incoming primary and emergency power sources were evaluated for compliance with the 10 States Standards and recommendations were made for the required upgrades to the existing system. The electrical design included upgrades to the existing electrical infrastructure in order to feed the new secondary control building, the new UV building and the new clarifiers. The blowers were upgraded to two stage blowers to accommodate the increased demand from the new aeration basins. The instrumentation and control systems were designed for monitoring via new Remote Telemetry Units. The RTU's were designed to accommodate future connection to a Distributed Control System. Specification Divisions 13 and 16 were written by IDCS. Additionally, IDCS provided construction services for this project. IDCS reviewed all electrical and instrumentation shop drawings, such as valves, centrifuge equipment, and etc. Also under construction services, IDCS attended construction meetings, completed on-site inspections, created final punch-lists, and responded to RFIs.



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