Redundant Force Mains - LMRDP Improvements

Redundant Force Mains - LMRDP Improvements

Owner  - MSD
Client      -   Jacobs
Location   - St. Louis, MO

The Consent Decree requires increasing influent pumping capacity to the Lemay WWTP to 340mgd by December 31, 2015. The District's preferred alternative for providing additional pumping capacity is to design a second (redundant) force main from Lemay Pump Station No. 1 to the Lemay WWTP. The force main is proposed to be approximately 3,300 feet long, 8 feet in diameter and will be constructed approximately parallel to an existing 8-foot diameter force main. IDCS preformed the instrumentation and controls design for the automated operation of the valves and gates which is required in response to variations in flow rate and operator choices. At low flow rates, only one force main (operator selectable) will be in operation. At high flow rates, both force mains will be used, and valves and gates will be opened and closed in sequence to prevent deadheading the pumps or operating at undesirable points on the pump curve. IDCS is currently providing construction services for this project.



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