Plano Wastewater Treatment Plant

Plano Wastewater Treatment Plant

Owner  - City of Plano
Client      -   Deuchler (WEDA)
Location   - Plano, IL

The Plano Wastewater Treatment Plant was being expanded in capacity to allow for home development in the area. IDCS was retained to furnish electrical & control/instrumentation engineering for this expansion. The electric service was upgraded from 400A to 2000A, with a completely revised plant distribution system. The electrical upgrades also include a new service entrance from the utility company into a new draw-out switchboard which distributes power throughout the facility to smaller MCCs, both new and existing. The new service included a 1250KW engine generator for secure emergency power. The buildings that were part of the expansion were a new secondary control building, new blower building which also houses the backup generator, and a new UV disinfection building. A new control/instrumentation system was developed using fiber optic cable with distributed control and monitoring units. The operators can monitor and control the treatment processes via RTUs from the main administration building or at other locations throughout the plant. The RTUs were designed to accommodate future connection to a distributed control system (DCS).



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