OHare East Cooling Tower Replacement

OHare East Cooling Tower Replacement

Owner  - CDA
Client      -   Burns & McDonnell
Location   - OHare International Airport (Chicago, IL)

IDCS was contracted to participate in the East Cooling Tower Replacement project at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport. The East Cooling Tower is responsible for providing cooling to the Terminal Building at O'Hare International Airport. The project began with site visits to gather required information for the demolition of the existing cooling tower and design for the new cooling tower. Demolition consisted of removal of three 600 HP, 4160 Volt, condensate water pumps and their full voltage non-reversing (FVNR) starters from an existing medium voltage motor control center (MCC), and the removal of thirteen 75HP, 480V, cooling tower fan motors. IDCS designed the replacement of condensate water pumps with three 750HP motors with medium voltage variable frequency drives (VFDs); as well as the replacement of the cooling tower fans with 6 new fans having 150 HP motors, all fed from the low voltage VFD. Additionally, IDCS was responsible for performing load calculations on the existing MCC's utilized to feed the new equipment, and locating all of the new VFD's within the existing electrical room footprint. IDCS provided power and control cables between the HRT building and the new east cooling tower, along with lighting and receptacle power at the new cooling tower. Voltage drop calculations were performed on the feeds from the HRT to the cooling tower. IDCS also provided input on the Code Matrix Sheet and created specifications for Division 16 work.



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