Maline Creek CSO Storage Facility

Maline Creek CSO Storage Facility

Owner  - MSD
Client      -   Jacobs
Location   - St. Louis, MO

\The Maline Creek Local Storage Facility Tunnel (MCT) and Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (MCTDPS) is designed to relieve the Bissell Point North Interceptor Tunnel during high flows and store 12.5 MGD until the flows recede. The tunnel is expected to have an inside diameter of 28 feet by 3,000 feet long with a pump station in the middle of the tunnel for dewatering and additional storage. Flow will be diverted to the MCT at the three intake structures, when the pump station is at capacity, the diversion gate structures will be commanded to close. The MCT will store the CSO until the interceptor has capacity and the Bissell WTP can treat the flows. IDCS was a subconsultant with Jacobs and HDR to provide the instrumentation design for the Maline Creek Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (MCTDPS). The MCTDPS has submersible pumps and will be connected to pump protection modules to protect the pumps and motors. The pump station will have bar screens to trap the large debris; the bar screens will have automatic bar screen climbers to remove debris build up. Wet well level will be measured with submersible level sensors in order to measure in the tight spaces around the screens. The pump station will have flow meters, gates, valves, an HVAC system, and fire alarm and security systems which will be remotely monitored. In order to dewater the tunnel the Bissell WWTP needs to have the capacity to handle the additional flows and therefore the command must come from the Bissell Point Pump Station. IDCS was a subconsultant to Jacobs for the electrical and instrumentation design of the MCT. The MCT and the MCTDPS will be able to function automatically to close the gates when the pump station wet well is full. IDCS designed the electrical power for the new equipment by using the spare capacity at existing diversion structure panels and provided fiber optic cable installed in the median of Riverview Drive.


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