Lemay WWTP Secondary Improvements

Lemay WWTP Secondary Improvements

Owner  - MSD
Client      -   Black and Veatch
Location   - St. Louis, MO

IDCS was a sub-consultant to Black & Veatch for the Lemay Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Secondary Improvements Project. This project includes the design of process improvements to increase the secondary treatment capacity from 167MGD to 210MGD, in order to meet new consent decree requirements. IDCS was responsible for providing electrical and controls design for this project. IDCS conducted site surveys of existing equipment for modification and reuse, as well as relocation due to building locations. After the study and report phase, it was apparent that the amount of screenings in the plant was impacting the secondary treatment; and therefore, new screenings buildings are to be installed at the Wet Weather Treatment Facility and the Plant Headworks Building. The two screenings buildings are located in different areas of the plant and required new power feeds from the existing plant power distribution, provisions for generator connections, and electrical equipment rated for the Class I Division 2 area classifications. A new odor control system and HVAC system to reduce area classifications and new bar screen climber control panels and washer compactor control panels are required at each facility. The new facilities will also have new PLC control panels which will be networked together and integrated into the existing plant Invensys system. Other areas of work are instrumentation improvements for the replacement of magnetic flow meters at the aeration basins and secondary clarifiers. There will be new suspended solids meters installed to improve solids balancing through the system. These meters are connected into the plant SCADA system using wireless I/O.



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