Lemay No.3 Pump Station

Lemay No.3 Pump Station

Owner  - MSD
Client      -   Jacobs / HDR
Location   - St. Louis, MO

IDCS scope of services for the Lemay Pump Station No. 3 project consists of the design of controls for the new pumps, valves, and flow monitoring.  The pump station will have fiber optic switches and patch panels along with a radio access point to accept communications from all of the tunnel structures as well as transmit information to the Lemay WWTF. The Lemay No.3 PS pumps have local pump control panels which house pump protection modules to protect the pumps and motors.  The pump station has bar screens to trap the large debris; the bar screens will have automatic bar screen climbers to remove debris build up.  Wet well level will be measured with pressure sensors installed on pilot pipe in order to measure in the tight spaces around the screens and provide a tunnel level measurement. The pump station will have flow meters, gates, valves, an HVAC system, and fire alarm and security systems which will be remotely monitored. This includes specifications for all instrumentation and control, input/output lists, P&ID plans, coordination with process engineers to ensure the pump station will operate as designed.  


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