Jefferson Barracks Tunnel - LMRDP Improvements

Jefferson Barracks Tunnel - LMRDP Improvements

Owner  - MSD
Client      -   Jacobs
Location   - St. Louis, MO

The Jefferson Barracks Tunnel will be responsible for conveying sewage to the Lemay Water Treatment Plant (Lemay WTP) as well as storing potential combined sewer overflow (CSO) and storm sewer overflow (SSO) during a wet weather event. Lemay No. 3 Pump Station is required to pump retained CSO and SSO from the Tunnel to the Lemay WTP. IDCS established a preliminary layout for the control and instrumentation of the Jefferson Barracks Tunnel and Lemay No. 3 Pump Station which included evaluating the available methods of communication, gate control, and level monitoring as well as developing cost estimates for both facilities. Fiber optic cable was proposed as the primary communication network, using radio as a backup network. Radio path studies were used to evaluate the types of radios required. Tunnel level measurement was heavily investigated, including interviews with other water/wastewater districts for lessons learned. These preliminary studies were used in the detailed design portion of the project.



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