Jardine Water Purification Plant Chlorine System Improvements

Jardine Water Purification Plant Chlorine System Improvements

Owner  - CDWM
Client      -   CMT
Location   - Chicago, IL

The Jardine Water Purification Plant (JWPP), is the largest capacity water filtration plant in the world, located in Chicago, Illinois. It draws raw water from two of the city's water cribs far offshore in Lake Michigan and sends nearly one billion gallons (4 million m3) of water per day to consumers in the north and central portions of the city. CMT is the lead engineer for the Chlorine Upgrade. This upgrade encompasses the addition of a redundant chlorine scrubber, modifications to the existing SCADA System to align the Chlorine Control Room with the JWPP SCADA Control Room and upgrades to the existing evaporators, chlorinators and chlorinator flow controllers (26) to a new control platform.

IDCS’s scope of work for this upgrade is the Instrumentation & Controls design of the new PLC’s for use on the 26-evaporators, chlorinators and the integration of the chlorine control room controls into the JWPP control system. IDCS was tasked with finding a solution to replace the existing ABB flow controllers on each chlorinator with PLC-based controllers considering alternatives available from the manufacturer.  The design included construction sequencing allowing only selected controllers to be out of service at any one time.


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