Instrumentation and Controls Design Criteria

Instrumentation and Controls Design Criteria

Owner  - MSD
Client      -   HDR
Location   - St. Louis, MO

MSD retained IDCS to create an Instrumentation and Controls Design Criteria Manual; this is used to describe standard instrumentation components and control philosophy for all pump station and treatment facility control. This document is used as a guide for Design Engineers who are designing new or modifying existing instrumentation and control. Since the last revision of the District’s Instrumentation and Controls Design Criteria in July 2005, there have been many advances in technology and developments in District control philosophies. IDCS was contracted to update and amend the Instrumentation and Controls Design Criteria document. Updates included new instrument technologies, adding new chapters on collection systems, high rate treatment (HRT), storage tank controls and alarm definition, tagging and prioritizing. During the process of updating the Criteria, Two workshops were held with key MSD staff members in plant, collection systems, HRT and tank control development and implementation. These meetings were held to review the existing document and establish goals for the new document, and to perform a 60% review of the newly revised document. This ensured all participants bought-in to the new Instrumentation and Controls Design Criteria. This document was intended to be in a more user-friendly format. To achieve this The final document is usable as a hard copy, but when used online, takes advantage of electronic enhancements including searches, windows, cross-referencing, queries, etc.


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