Evanston Water Utility Arc Flash Study

Evanston Water Utility Arc Flash Study

Evanston Water Utility Arc Flash Study
Owner  - City of Evanston
Client      -   Greeley & Hansen
Location   - Evanston, IL

IDCS was a sub-consultant on the City of Evanston Water Utility electrical hazard assessment. The project included the assessment of the entire water treatment facility, and furnishing the required field markings (labels) for the electrical distribution equipment. The electrical hazard assessment consisted of three studies: short circuit study, protective device coordination study and arc flash hazard analysis. In addition, as-built single line diagrams of the entire facility were developed. IDCS was also responsible for coordinating the testing and maintenance of the plant's medium and low voltage switchgears, switchboards and MCCs. Studies were performed on the following electrical equipment at the water treatment facility: 4.16 kV switchgear, 4.16 kV motor control centers, 4.16 kV VFDs,  480 V transformers, 480 V motor control centers, Panelboards, Transfer switches, and Control Panels. IDCS was tasked with gathering field data and compiling said data into a usable format both in the SKM file as well as for back up (as-built) information for the City of Evanston. As part of this effort, an electronic model of the plant's electrical distribution system was developed. This model can be used for future engineering analysis of the plant's electrical system. These analyses include load flow assessments, voltage drop calculations, short circuit and coordination studies, motor starting analyses and energy use evaluations. Arc flash hazard warning labels were provided for each piece of equipment. IDCS also completed the drafting of a complete set of single lines in AutoCAD. These drawings can be used for future reference of the facility's electrical distribution system, and can be updated during future improvement projects to Evanston's facilities.



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