Eugene Sawyer (South Water) Purification Plant Switchgear and Generator Improvements (Resident Engineering)

Eugene Sawyer (South Water) Purification Plant Switchgear and Generator Improvements (Resident Engineering)

Owner  - CDWM
Client      -   Greeley & Hanson
Location   - Chicago, IL

The South Water Purification Plant project includes the installation of generators with paralleling switchgear in a permanent structure to provide emergency power for the plant to the Main 2300V Switchgear. This filtration plant is served by three Commonwealth Edison 12.47 kV feeders which step down to 2300 Volts to provide medium voltage service to pumping equipment and 480 Volt distribution via step down transformers throughout the remainder of the plant.  The existing medium voltage switchgear in the plant is primarily vintage or original, and is being completely replaced along with several low voltage gears and various pieces of motor starting equipment. Switchgear not associated directly with the generators will be installed in existing spaces within the existing building envelope.  The new 2300 Volt switchgear will utilize ATO controls to switch from the 2 utility power sources and emergency generation.  The switchgear is sectionalized to isolate sections of feeders and for flexibility for feeding from various power sources. There are also lighting switchboards being replaced with new switchboards which have electronic controls to better operate the lights based on actual lighting need.  The 480V switchgear, 480V MCC and transformers are being replaced as well. IDCS served as a resident for the Electrical scope of the construction which includes the observation of site activities, assisting Greeley & Hansen’s Resident Project Representative.


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