Disinfection Facilities at the O'Brien WRP

Disinfection Facilities at the O'Brien WRP

Owner  - MWRDGC
Client      -   Greeley & Hansen
Location   - Chicago, IL

IDCS was selected to participate as a sub-consultant to Greeley & Hansen for the project to add ultraviolet disinfection facilities to the Terrence J. O’Brien (North Side) Water Reclamation Plant. The Disinfection project included a new Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Building which houses a new UV Disinfection System with a capacity of 530MGD, new lab instrumentation for effluent sampling and a new plant effluent water pump station. A new Primary Switchgear Building was installed for distribution to new and future facilities. IDCS designed the instrumentation and controls for this project. The design included review of procurement documentation for sole-sourced UV equipment in order to adhere to District standards. Instrumentation and control design included network connection of a new PLC system, installation of instrumentation required for UV system control and effluent monitoring, power monitoring of the electrical equipment, integration of HVAC equipment monitoring, and improvements to the existing plant DCS system to facilitate the connection of new facilities to the plant network while also providing infrastructures for connection of future equipment. 


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