Deer Creek Sanitary Tunnel

Deer Creek Sanitary Tunnel

The Deer Creek Sanitary Tunnel is designed to store peak flows from the existing collection system that exceed the capacity of the existing trunk sewers or the capacity of the downstream treatment plant. Peak flows will be diverted to the tunnel from four diversion structures: Haddington, Pendleton, Black Creek and Deer Creek. IDCS was responsible for the power and instrumentation design at each diversion structure located along the three mile tunnel which included load calculations, drawings, and specifications. IDCS designed the incoming power to each diversion structure as well as coordinating with the electrical utility, Ameren, for location of power sources and installation criteria specific to each site. The instrumentation and control design included the design of the field panels, level sensing and Motorola radio communication with the tunnel dewatering pump station.

As an added piece of the design, IDCS coordinated with the tunnel design staff for the installation of conduits and hand-holes for the future flow monitoring that MSD will install at locations along the tunnel system. Each structure had varying levels of complexity which required a well thought out design for future power and control infrastructure and equipment installed on elevated platforms in order to avoid flood levels. The Haddington diversion structure is located near a parking lot which required new parking lot lighting design to conform to the City of Clayton lighting requirements. This included a new metered power cabinet, new light poles and control of the lighting fixtures.

The Deer Creek diversion structure is being built in close proximity to the Deer Creek Tunnel Pump Station which will be completed several years after the diversion structure. IDCS, with coordination of the pump station design team, designed for a temporary power source to operate the Deer Creek diversion structure during construction and a permanent feed from the pump station for use when the pump station has been completed. This design included conduits that extend from the diversion structure to the pump station for the permanent power feed from the pump station.


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