Central Park Pumping Station Electrification

Central Park Pumping Station Electrification

Owner  - CDWM
Client      -   Greeley & Hansen
Location   - Chicago, IL

The Central Park Pumping Station Electrification project is to convert a steam-powered pumping station to electrically driven pumps, and rehabilitate and upgrade the electrical services to the pump station. Built in 1899, it is one of several large City of Chicago steam-powered pumping stations. IDCS was tasked by Greely & Hansen Engineers, the lead Engineering firm, to provide design and construction services for various tasks of the project. IDCS developed a technical analysis with life cycle cost of the alternatives available to drive the pumps. These included throttling, eddy current drives (ECDs), slip power recovery with wound rotor motors (SPR), and variable frequency drives (VFDs). The alternatives were presented in several workshops, and VFDs were finally selected. Detailed design of the pumping station’s auxiliary systems including: CCTV, Access Control, Telephone, Internet, Public Address (PA), Intercom, and Emergency Lighting. The CCTV (over 50 cameras) and Access Control Systems are integrated into the Central Security System at the Jardine Water Purification Plant. The telephone and internet were each linked to the appropriate city government wide system. The Emergency Lighting system was developed using a central UPS and egress lighting which doubles as night lighting. This eliminated the need for independent battery units and the associated maintenance headaches. Before the cut-over of steam-driven pumps to electric pumps, new temporary generators were needed for complete support of the new electric pumps during construction. IDCS is also providing bid services and services during construction.


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