Bissell Disinfection

Bissell Disinfection

Owner  - MSD
Client      -   HDR
Location   - St. Louis, MO

Intelligent Design and Construction Solutions, LLC completed the instrumentation and control design for the disinfection system at the Bissell Wastewater Treatment Plant. There are two disinfection systems at Bissell WWTP, both of which utilize a chlorination/dechlorination chemical system. There is a dry weather system for flows up to 300 MGD and a wet-weather flow system for flows between 300 MGD and 450 MGD. The dry weather disinfection system consists of dosing sodium hypochlorite into induction units located in junction chambers. Chlorine residual is measured and is used as fine tuning for accurate dechlorination chemical dosing. When the flow exceeds 300 MGD, the wet weather strategy begins by opening the motor-operated gates, which allows excess flow into a wet weather chlorine contact basin for treatment. The wet weather system has automated control features that prepare the system for high flow disinfection and then clean the channels by use of tipping buckets and flush the chemical lines after the event. Integration of the new instrumentation into the existing SCADA system was required at Bissell WWTP. IDCS is currently providing construction services for this project. These include answering requests for information, shop drawing review and final punch-list review.



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