Asset Management

Asset Management

IDCS worked as a sub-consultant to Brown and Caldwell to standardize and optimize St. Louis MSD asset management practices. Our team utilized our experience with IBM Maximo software to research and analyze assets within the MSD system.   We visited multiple MSD treatment plants and met with operators, engineers, planners, and managers to collect usage data, identify concerns, and find similarities/differences in the work practices at MSD facilities.  Once the analysis phase was complete, the work shifted to providing suggestions to MSD on areas of improvement including asset hierarchy, asset data requirements, and formalization of procedures.  Our knowledge of their assets and typical assets throughout the wastewater industry helped us provide informed suggestions.  These efforts were formalized into the Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) and Tactical Asset Management Plan (TAMP) reports.


This project is ongoing in its final phase as MSD is hard at work refining their procedures and implementing suggestions that the team has provided while IDCS has taken an advisory role.


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