Round-table Responsibility

IDCS is involved with many projects in industries where the work is of high civil significance. With each project, our team is driven to act as one cohesive unit with distributed responsibilities. Whether designing instrumentation and SCADA systems, Medium Voltage applications or CCTV networks, each member of our team plays an important role. A company meeting is held each week where all are urged to voice opinions, make suggestions, or ask for assistance. We insist that our entire team be open and honest regarding work-related issues and these meetings are an opportunity for the team to regroup, assess our progress and confront our projects with renewed vigor. Because transparency promotes higher quality, every employee's voice carries weight; we never disregard the concerns or opinions of our teammates, regardless of status or tenure.


Demanding and fast-paced projects require that our new employees manage responsibilities at the onset of their employment; you're an important member on your first day. Throughout employee training, we assign a mentor to provide insight into the workings of the company; this mentor is charged with helping the new employee adjust to the intense demands of the industries we operate within as well as our own standards of excellence. Despite the challenge of being a new employee, we will never set you up for failure. Once you are an employee you are family, and the IDCS family shares success.


Industry Presence

Clients from Chicago, to St. Louis and nation-wide have come to expect excellence from the IDCS team. From conferences to company outings, and monthly info seminars to volunteer service, our professionalism is known throughout several overlapping industries. Our willingness to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty on-site, coupled with our attention to detail in the office, is only amplified by our integration of modern technology. Our clients know that we are available at a moment's notice to help resolve issues between the field and the office.


Small Company, Family Culture

Small business enterprises such as IDCS are little fish in a big pond; inevitably, our clients end up becoming our closest friends and allies. If the thought of your work being lost in the gears of a large, bureaucratic corporation is unappealing, if you want the results of your hard work to be tangible rather than abstract and if you want to gain hands on experience, IDCS is interested in you. Our company is composed of select individuals who are passionate about their work and take an enormous amount of pride in the effect that our successes have for our clients. We are known for both our dedication to high-quality work and our loyalty and responsibility towards our clients and colleagues. Organized events allow our employees' personalities to shine through our typically determined "game-face". Opportunities for recognition of performance, as well as sneak attacks with Nerf guns, are commonplace here, so rest assured, we play as hard as we work. Though we stand shoulder to shoulder, we welcome both new employees and clients with open arms.



Chicago Office
200 West Adams
Suite 1825
Chicago, IL 60606

New York Office
60 E. 42nd
Suite 4600
New York, NY 10165

St. Louis Office
500 N. Broadway
Suite 1450
St. Louis, MO 63102

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